Rise of cyber crime in India tusharkataria | Jan. 24, 2016

Cyber Crime in India

The rate at which cyber crime in India is growing is very alarming. Incidents of hacking, data theft, cyber bullying and now cyber extortion as well has kept the cyber security team on its toes, but the question that needs to be asked, " Is India doing enough?" Recent data collection and assessment by me for assignment clearly shows a rapid increase of cyber crime in areas like Chattisgarh , Maharashtra and Haryana.It is extremely important to spread awareness about these crimes as many of them may go unreported.

Some simple steps can help a long way in preventing these crimes.

-Avoid online banking, shopping, entering credit card details, etc if the network is not properly secured

-Check your online account frequently and make sure all listed transactions are valid

-Be extremely wary of e-mails asking for confidential information. Never ever click on a link given in a spam e-mail

-Always delete spam e-mails immediately and empty the trash box to prevent clicking on the same link accidentally

-Beware of lotteries that charge a fee prior to delivery of your prize -While using a credit card for making payments online, check if the website is secure as the CVV will also be required for the payment

-Notify your bank/credit card issuer if you do not receive the monthly credit card statement on time. If a credit card is misplaced or lost, get it cancelled immediately

-Do not respond to lottery messages or call on the numbers provided in the text messages

-Do not provide photocopies of both sides of the credit card to anyone. The card verification value (CVV), which is required for online transactions, is printed on the reverse. Anyone can use the card for online purchases if they get that information

-Do not click on links in e-mails seeking details of your account, they could be phishing e-mails from fraudsters. Most reputed companies will ask you to visit their website directly

-Do not give any information to people seeking credit card details over the phone.